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Thread: Staff Introductions

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    Staff Introductions

    Hello, I'm Sloan. I am originally from New Zealand and moved to the States to study abroad at West Virginia University. I am currently a Junior majoring in Computer Science. I am single and have two dogs, Beckett and Riley. They're my fur babies. I am a serious Playstation Gamer. I also play Nintendo, but sometimes not much!

    I am the leader of the site. I bothered @Sly to give me some server space and use his old websites to make a forum for arcade and game reviews. Plan on expanding into leagues soon! Go Gamers-Loft!!

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    for sly bc admin statuz

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    Coming Soon Bebes!!

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    I'm Furbz! I'm the Moderator of the Gamer Discussion Area. I'm 17 and from New York. I've been on Gamers-Loft since 2012, before the site migration. If you need to know anything, just ask!

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    Hey guys, i'm rawr. Super yoshi fan. Im moderator of Digital Poolside and Leagues. HMU if you need anything.

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    I'm Stella. I am from Texas. Favorite Color is Purple. I love Rosalina. And Lara Croft. And any other strong female protagonists in gaming! I am the moderator of the Lounge and Arcade. Here to help, just ask. Thanks!

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